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Last month I introduced you to the wonderful world of building Rich Internet Applications with Macromedia Flex ("Flex Your ColdFusion Muscles," CFDJ, Vol. 6, issue 12) and discussed some of the distinct advantages RIAs have over traditional HTML applications. This month I'd like to go a bit deeper and discuss how Flex can give users a much better experience through its powerful interactive data presentation capabilities. Data presentation isn't always given a great deal of attention because we've become accustomed to doing things "the HTML way" and assume that's our only option. The reality is that Flex opens up exciting new possibilities for data presentation that are definitely worth a look. Flex includes a vast range of building blocks that can be leveraged to solve even the most demanding data presentation problems. At a high level, Flex's UI toolkit consists of... (more)

Macromedia Flex Builder 1.5

Over the past couple of months I've been introducing you to some of the fantastic possibilities Macromedia Flex offers for building Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) with ColdFusion ("Flex Your ColdFusion Muscles," CFDJ Vol. 6, issue 12 and "Data Presentation with Macromedia Flex," CFDJ Vol. 7, issue 1), and I hope you've been motivated to begin experimenting with Flex yourself. What I haven't yet addressed is the set of development tools available for Flex. One of the great things about Flex is that since Flex development is entirely text based, you can use the text editor of y... (more)

What's an Object? An Introduction to OOP

On New Year's Eve, 2004 I declared 2005 to be the "year of object-oriented programming for ColdFusion developers," and since the year is approaching its final quarter it's a good time to focus our attention on OOP in ColdFusion and see how we're doing. Based on talking with developers both in person and virtually, reading blogs, and looking at some of the newer ColdFusion code that people have been sending my way over the last few months, I'm really excited about the increase in interest and use of OOP in ColdFusion. The ability to even do object-oriented programming in ColdFusi... (more)

ColdFusion's Place in the New i-Technology Spectrum

ColdFusion recently took a bit of a jump up to #19 on TIOBE Software's index of most popular programming languages (www.tiobe.com/index.htm?tiobe_index). I hadn't looked at this index in a while but it's interesting to see what CF is both above and below, and it's also nice to see the nine green up arrows next to it on the chart. What's more interesting to me is what this really means. Yes, many have criticized the TIOBE methodology (usually when it doesn't work in their favor), so let's not focus on the specifics. Instead, let's take a look at the bigger picture, where things a... (more)

The Asynchronous CFML Gateway

One of the most powerful new features available in ColdFusion MX 7 Enterprise that many ColdFusion developers might not yet be using is event gateways. Event gateways open up entirely new possibilities for ColdFusion and allow our ColdFusion applications to communicate with more or less any other Internet-enabled system even if the system doesn't communicate via the "traditional" HTTP protocol. CFMX 7 Enterprise ships with a few gateways to get you started, such as an SMS gateway for communicating with mobile devices, a directory watcher gateway, a socket gateway, a Java Message... (more)